Why can't the unboiled water drink?

Hong Kong
November 10, 2006 10:56pm CST
Why can't the unboiled water drink?
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• Hong Kong
14 Nov 06
The quantity carbon dioxide can play the sterilization in the drink,the bacteriostasis role, but also can through evaporate carries off invivo quantity of heat, gets up the temperature decrease function. But,if the carbonic acid drink drinks too many is does not have theadvantage to the stomach, moreover also can affect the digestion.Because the massive carbon dioxide during the suppression drinkbacterium, also can have the inhibitory action to in the human bodybeneficial fungus, therefore the digesting system can receive thedestruction. Specially the young people, like drinking the soft drink,liking stimulating which the steam brings, but drinks too many,releases the carbon dioxide is very easy to cause the distension ofthe abdomen, affects the appetite, even creates the stomach functiondisorder.