who is the better dresser: michelle obama or jackie o.?

@Ritchelle (3797)
April 2, 2009 6:14am CST
for me, it's the original, miss jackie o., because everything about her is simplicity. i'm not saying the current first lady is avant-garde. for all we know, miss jackie's clothes cost more than that of the current first lady's. it's just that miss jackie o.'s lines are simpler and that is the hardest to pull off with a minimal allowance only for imperfection.
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• India
10 Apr 09
In case of discipline dress, I like Obama most but in case of fashion statement I can prefer Jackie. Both of these personality are good dresser of there fields.
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@Reyah23 (641)
• Philippines
7 Apr 09
For me its also Miss Jackie O. She is full of elegant in every dress she wear.
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• Philippines
2 Apr 09
i think its miss jackie o. she's so fashionable, and classy. not that im saying michelle obama isn't. maybe i just prefer jackie o. she's like an icon, like a celebrity, you know. like the jackie o. glasses right? she has her own. get it. thanks for asking