What are we struggling by education?

April 2, 2009 6:37am CST
In seeking comfort, we generally find a quiet corner in life where there is a minimum of conflict, and we are afraid to step out of that seclusion. This fear of life, this fear of struggle and of new experience, kills in us the spirit of adventures. Our whole upbringing and educations, has made us afraid to be different from our neighbour, afraid to think contrary to the established pattern of society, falsely respectful of authority and tradition. Now what is significant of life? What are we living and struggling for? if we are being educated merely to achieve distinction, to get a better job, to be more efficient, to have wider dominations over others, than our lives will be shallow and empty, if we are being educated only to be scientist, to be scholars wedded to books, or specialist edicted to knowledge than we shall be contributing to destructions and misery to the world.
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