DO you like rain?

April 2, 2009 8:23am CST
today is rainy. I don't like this weather. because it clag me do something, like do sport. I just don't like walk in the rain when it's cold. but I like listen to it, rain voice. it's just like something wild, and entry my heart. do you like rain? do you enjoy walk in it?under umbrella.
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• United States
3 Apr 09
I love the rain. I think it is soothing and relaxing. I did not have much when I was stationed in 29 Palms CA so I missed it but I get a lot here in NC. It is nice and cooling. In fact it has been raining here for the last couple of days.
• India
2 Apr 09
Hi lotter i love rain ,i love to dance in rain and if i have my love with me its amazing. happy my lotting
@dandit (132)
• Indonesia
2 Apr 09
Rain? It's hard to think what is happening in this world if there is no rain. Rain can bring the blessing if water from rain managed properly. Water from the rain at the store by the root of the tree to serve as backup during the dry season. But as the human do the damage to the environment cause the rain to be a disaster. However, for me the rain is always something interesting. Like a beautiful symphoni. Natural phenomenon that is really extraordinary.
• United States
2 Apr 09
I'm not the biggest fan either when it rains. It means i can't let the dog out and play with him and then we hang clothes outside so it delays that. Right now in Florida we need the rain desperately so its been raining for about an hour everyday here so it hasn't been to bad and since we need it I'm not complaining.
@CMTS_87 (1342)
• Philippines
2 Apr 09
Personally, I also don't like when it is raining. But I think it gives us a time to rest and contemplate. Happy MyLotting!