Savings-compromising essential things that makes life easy & Happy is it Good?

April 2, 2009 1:01pm CST
'Savings for rainy days' always makes us more conscious. I believe savings to a little extent is good but compromising some of essential things that makes our life easy and happy is not "Good-Saving". What's your opinion??
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@veejay19 (3591)
• India
4 Apr 09
Saving for the rainy day is a good habit and a profitable one in the long run . However one should not be stingy in spending for daily and essentiel items otherwise it would lead to miserliness. Saving money even a little every month will ensure that the future and especially during old age will become secure. One must ofcourse spend on childrens education and other family matters but not overspend on unneccessary goods which are not useful to have. for eg, many rich persons with loads of money buy a number of cars of different makes just to show off to their peers. All one needs is just one car or maybe two, say one for business purposes and another for the family. Instead if the excess money is utilised for good purposes like charities or helping the downtrodden then they will be blessed. So one must save but also use the money for their own and others benefit.
2 Apr 09
I think of you really want something really bad you don't mind giving up those things that you don't really need. You can always go for a cheaper item of you can't life without it. I would be happy to give up something on order to get what I waned
@di1159 (1580)
• United States
2 Apr 09
It depends on what you consider essential. Sometimes whats essential to you might not be essential for someone else. If one good thing comes out of this economic wreck, is that I've cut down on a lot of things I thought I needed, but am getting along quite well without. It's a hard lesson, but a very valuable one. It helps me out financially, it helps my family see my example, and it will help lower my carbon footprint on Earth.