Do you enjoying watching TV ads ?

@lusirafa (945)
April 2, 2009 1:02pm CST
Sometimes when I want to watch TV and couldn't find any interesting show or program, I'm enjoying my self watching funny ads on TV. A funny and creative TV ads are far more interesting for me compared to bored talk show or some bad movies. I know there's even one TV show, that collect funny TV ads from old time until now. I just love to watch that. But that watching TV ads "activity" never last for 1 hour, as I'm getting bored watching other TV ads that is not funny or interesting.
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• India
2 Apr 09
i really hate adds i skip to other channel when there an add coming on one of the channels . and i think that many of the people would be doing that becaz every one hates adds , they just add curiosity and many a times it is very boring , specially when a tv channel keeps 5 mins add that too after showing a 5 min show . it is too irritating when they do that .
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