I do not understand it :( :(

Slovak Republic
April 2, 2009 1:44pm CST
I clicked on "earnings" yeah I ve got just 0.19 dolars.. :D but I am here for improving my English..but earning there is good thing..but I readed that "Our records indicate that you have not yet entered your payment information. Paypal is not available for your country" :(( What does mean it? Please help me..thank u very much indeed my MyLot friends.. :))
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2 Apr 09
To recieve your earnings, you need a PayPal account. And Paypal is probably not supported where you live. This means that you can't recieve your earnings. But you should still stick around, as this is a great place to just post and discuss =)
• Slovak Republic
2 Apr 09
yeah u are right..this is really a great place to discuss... :D but I registered on a PayPal.com ...so I have PayPal account..but I am from Slovakia..it is important which country am I from? :) ok ok..it does not matter..so I will there just posting and dicussing for free :D but at least I can improving my English there.. :D thank u for the informations..