How many of you get up at the first ring of your morning alarm?

April 3, 2009 4:12am CST
Getting up in the morning is something chalenging to me. Early morning when I hear the alarm sound, I feel that just now I had fallen asleep and wanted to have somemore sleep. Snoozing the alarm for atleast 3 times have become very usual with me. I don't remember a single day that I had woken up at the very first ring without snoozing. How about you people?? Are you the same or very prompt in getting up???
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• Philippines
4 Apr 09
most of the time i wake up earlier than the alarm so i sleep again. when the alarm sounds, i am too sleepy again so i push snooze LOL. there are times i get up before or at the first alarm especially when i had enough sleep the previous night. i know of a friend who will set the alarm like two hours earlier but she will push snooze over and over again and will only get up after two hours LOL
• Canada
6 Apr 09
Thats great!! Know what?? I'm more like your friend. And Thanks for your response.
@chookie1971 (2276)
• Australia
4 Apr 09
I am a type of person that I have to wake up slowly. There has been times where I have got up on the first alarm and I had fallen all over the place because I didn't have my sense of balance. So what I do, if I want to get up at a certain time, I would set my alarm for at least half an hour earlier.
• Canada
6 Apr 09
MMm... u have a solution for yourself... Good Good.
@KcLKcL (181)
• Indonesia
3 Apr 09
Every person are different. But I'm same like you..Took me 3-5 snoozes to make me fully woken up. Sometimes after 5 snoozes I turned off the alarm LOL Usually my mom wake me up. So nothing to worry about hahaha. But some people can wake up only with 1 ring. I don't know why, It's natural.
• Canada
6 Apr 09
I think you can keep your alarm by your mom's side.. ha ha ha.. Just kidding... Thanks for ur response.
@Absinto (2398)
• Portugal
12 Apr 09
I get up after the 6 ring. I automaticly put on 6 alarms starting one hour before the actual time to wake up, like this i wake up little by little and when it is time i am ready to get up.