Obama's Love

@Fortunata (1136)
United States
April 3, 2009 1:28pm CST
Just who is Reggie Love? Why, he's Barack Obama's 'Body Man'. What is a Body Man, you ask? A Body Man is like an Aide de Camp in the military, in other words, a 'gofer'. I can't imagine a more boring job, lol. One of George Bush's 'Body Men' was a young man named Blake Gottesman. He was rumored to date Jenna Bush, one of Bush's daughters. He went on to go to Harvard Business school, and I imagine he got a good letter from Bush to get him in there. There's no doubt favoritism has something to do with this job description. Trailing behind some figure head like a puppy must be boring, belittling work, but I guess somebody's got to do it! Btw, Reggie Love was a basketball player at Duke University.
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