Any One Work At Subway? I Got Couple Of Questions

April 3, 2009 1:56pm CST
Hi! I've just been told today that i'm going to be starting training tomorrow at subway. He told me that i'm going to have to train for 20 hours before I get paid. Was it like this with you? 20 hours just seems a bit too long! Is it also true that you get paid minimum wage there? I'm guessing they do, as it's only subway hehe xD Well, Thank you for all those that would respond.
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• United States
19 Apr 09
Hey. i think what your boss said to you is bs. i didnt have to work 20 hours before i got paid. i was training and they paid me just like everyone else. i guess subway has changed since i worked there. I guess just wait it out if you really want to work there. When i used to work there i quit a week after because it was not sanitary and no one cared about it.
19 Apr 09
Yeap! Well as subway is a franchise I suppose all managers have different way of dealing with things. But apparently its wrong to not get paid as training is still working for them! OUFF.. Well i went there on my first day and left! he was so horrible to me grrr Well thank you for the response!! :)