Where to you find the expiration date on a can of Ligo sardines? o.o

@YamiKiba (938)
United States
April 3, 2009 3:54pm CST
Yeah. . .posted it here because its manufactured in the Phillippines right? XD I used to eat these a lot but like. . .I usually ate them within the first few days and we've had them for a couple of months now. . .or even longer than that. o.o
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@online_jon (1478)
• Philippines
8 Apr 09
Hi yamikiba, good day to you. Well, here in our family we always eat this ligo sardinis dish with our meal because of the reason, it's already prepared and the price of it is very affordable which is good for us because we are not rich like others. Most of our kababayan Filipino also love eating it especially like us,who do not have enough money for a good kind of dish, but regarding to your question with the expiration date of the ligo sardines? I think it can be find inside the can and it's well printed with a dry seal at the top, not just like other expiration date it is only printed together with the paper at the brand of the sardines. With this Ligo Sardines having it will help you to survive with your own needs in everyday life. As i know, sardines is also part of the history of our country because with this kind of food we can be able to survive. Then as i remember watching t.v. I saw that some sardines that are manufactured here in our country are exported and many foreigner find this food very delicious. Which able for them to have many of this good, i really do not remember where is the location of the place were there is a Philippine manufacturer of SARDINES that are exported in other country. One reason, why many tourist are visiting with our place is because of the great ability of Filipino to cook any kind of dishes which is very tasteful to the touge of tourist. Well, i guess my response with your forum topic discussion is welled enough. Thank you! I hope i give a good response. Happy posting here and happy earning to us heqe in this site mylot.
• Philippines
4 Apr 09
Yeah right, the expiration date is located under the can. It is usually embossed while some are imprinted. Check it out...