Casino scams

April 3, 2009 6:32pm CST
Anyone ever fell for the casino scams i did i just lost $300us how you ask well there is some sitee that will tell you that they have a system that beats roulete by breaking it down into "law of averages" yeah right they say that the chance of ya spin not comming up 12 times in a row is .008% bull crap total bull crap they have a betting statagy that is bound to cost you money yeah you do win for a little while and think yeah this really works untill you hit around $60 profit i did everything right and my section didnt come up for 15 spins after recording 7 spins there system only covers you for 12 spins so there .008% went out the window real fast anyway just thort ild warn people not to belive these scams in the long run you will lose.
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• Singapore
4 Apr 09
in Singapore is a offense to go online casino, someone complaint some online casino is scam ,starting they let you win about few hundred just in 1hour ,and next min you will loss what even you have and on top of that own them few thousand US dollar and they will deduct directly to credit card. and yet that couple got no choice to pay all the money he own.
• Australia
4 Apr 09
Thank you for your reply i think everyone hopes for an easy way out in life and get sucked into such bold claims