MyLot Tasks?

April 3, 2009 9:26pm CST
finally, i already know where i can view these intriguing MyLot tasks. but my problem now is how do i do them? i want to submit my own. but can i? is everybody allowed to submit this tasks? i wanna know how this tasks really works. it looks really fun and i wanna do it! please someone help me! thanks to all in advance, really appreciate it! anyway happy mylotting! keep smiling!
3 responses
• United States
4 Apr 09
I did not know how to do them. I do them to the best of my ability. If I do them wrong then I know the admin will let me know. All you can do is try to follow the instructions with them.
• India
4 Apr 09
I think at present mylot not offering to post our own tasks! Mylot will take the action very quickly, welcome for your thoughts, because if you post some tasks we can work more! any way what kind of work you are trying to post? how many works?
• Singapore
4 Apr 09
when you accepted your task the word change to submit ,do what ever search you need and ,when you done press submit.hope it help you , i had done 50 plus task so far and make sure your answer is correct before submit ,els rejected there is no pay.