IN or OUT? What do you think of that?

@my1341 (460)
April 4, 2009 7:29am CST
This afternoon my colleague and I took her laptop to a maintenance station for repair. The manager led us to a repair room where the technician checked the laptop. After a while of checking, the technician said the the graphic card was bad and needed a change. We negotiated about the service price for a while and we soon reached an agreement for a change. We would like to stay here to watch them to repair, but the manager told us to wait outside. One thing I get confused with is that we want to stay in to prevent unnecessary changes of inner components by the technicians for other uses(maybe we should trust them, but events of that sort does happen in real life), but the service provider don't allow the customers to stay in in case their technological secrets may be learned by others. It's really a dilemma for both parties from each one's standpoint.What do you think of that?
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@rteja11 (91)
• India
4 Apr 09
I also had problems with my computer. I also had the same problem as you. My system stopped working properly. When i went to the dealer first he asked to mark with a permanent marker on all parts of my cpu and took it inside and asked me come next day. he told me the problem and it was a minor one so he fixed it and did check all other parts and asked to check the markings i made. No part was changed. I like the shop and i trust it. shops like that if they repair it inside or before you i would believe them . They have shown proof by not changing anything other parts. Thy repeat the process every time.
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@zweeb82 (5713)
• Malaysia
4 Apr 09
You mean you even got into the repair room? In most cases, they wouldn't even allow to go in there!~ Well, as for the IN or OUT question, it's pretty simple as it's based on trust. If you don't trust them, why buy their brand or even send it back to them in the 1st place?