Most stupid advice

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April 4, 2009 10:19am CST
For anyone who struggles with a mental illness (or loves someone who does) what is the most useless, stupid, funny, or hurtful piece of advice anyone has ever given in regards to the illness. Also was this advice asked for or totally unsolicited? It has been my experience that whereas no one would presume to tell you how to treat....say diabetes or heart disease, everyone has an opinion on mental illness. Most of these people also have no experience in dealing with this. What's up with that???? My personal favorite was when a (former) friend told me that she had suffered from the same problem, had simply woke one morning and decided she wouldn't feel that way anymore and was fine from that day forward. She got very put out when I told her I hoped that worked if she ever developed diabetes or heart disease etc...Why do people get ticked when you ignore this kind if advice???
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12 Jul 09
I was suffering from anxiety that was probably related to my hallucinations, and my dad told me I just needed to get more sleep, and if that didn't work, I was faking it. A couple weeks later I go to a psychiatrist and find out I'm schizophrenic. Thanks, dad.