Do you have a friend with same name as yours.......

@TD_GURU (108)
April 4, 2009 1:06pm CST
Hey friends i have 2 of my friends which have same name of that of me. If you also have can tell how many friends you have.....
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@Anne18 (11036)
4 Apr 09
I don't at the moment but when at school I did, she was going ot be phoning me for the first time and she said that she couldn't say her name as it was the same as hers and she didn't think my mum would believe her that her name was the same.
@Dugsmom (279)
• United States
6 Apr 09
I don't. I have in the past but it was always so weird to be calling someone else my name. I remember when I was in junior high, I'd avoid anybody with my name...I'd even hide because I was so embarrassed. Silly, huh? but it's kinda weird calling someone your name. And I bet it sounded weird when your friend (did she ever get the nerve to call?)called and your mom yelled," Anne, Anne is on the phone."
• United States
5 Apr 09
I have a guy friend who is actually my son's god uncle and him and I have the same first name..I spell it Adriann and he spells it make it even stranger, my son's middle name Justice is his son's first name...
• Philippines
5 Apr 09
I have one friend whose name is exactly the same as mine. We also happen to be the best of friends. Too bad we have to part ways because she has to move to another place.
@dendy73 (99)
• Indonesia
5 Apr 09
yes i had a lot of friends who had a name similar like me. but i am not counting them.
@ds6413 (2073)
• United States
4 Apr 09
No, but I met someone who had a sister with the same name as I have only the last name is spelled a litle different.