Photonic Computing

@reasco1 (299)
United States
April 4, 2009 1:39pm CST
During the short time that I've been working as a PC Technician I've come too learn that you can never know all there is too know about computers, the field is changing everyday and now we are looking for new ways too process information faster and more efficiently for better computing and designing of software and hardware. This new Photonic computing is the way for a faster computer and faster applications for what ever your computing needs may be in the future. The world is getting smaller and faster everyday and it's up too the Photonic designers of tomorrow too make it as fast and easy as possible. What is Photonic Computing you may ask? It is the using of frozen light on circuitry that will compute faster and radiate less heat on a circuit board there by being more efficient and faster than today's Supercomputers. I would like too hear from any PC Tech's out there in mylot land too see what you think about this new technology.
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