The Greatest Miyazaki Movie?

United States
April 4, 2009 6:16pm CST
In my opinion, Spirited Away trumps by far Nausikaa, Princess Mononoke, Kiki's Delivery Service, even Totoro and Castle in the Sky. The engaging storyline, charming characters, and ever dazzling animation of Howl's Moving Castle makes it a close second. The fact, I'd say, of Howl's Moving Castle being based off of a book and it not being wholly original, tips it into second place. Spirited Away is such a beautiful movie, an enchanting fairytale. The music and the voices, the intricate animation to make the world come alive truly left me awestruck in a way that his other movies came close to, but did not surpass.
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• United States
15 Mar 13
I love all of them, but I think Spirited Away is my favorite because of all of the Japanese cultural insight it gives. I just think it's so fun to learn about the Japanese culture through a kid's movie and the animation is wonderful!
• Mauritius
3 Nov 10
Omg... I LOVED that movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cried when she recognized the dragon! cou ah cou!! omg... so beautiful, so touching!!!
• United States
28 Jun 10
I like Castle in the Sky the most because the two main characters got together at the end unlike Princess Mononoke or Spirited Away. The other two didn't have sad endings but I like it better when the main characters (who like each other) end up together. Also Castle in the Sky created a entire fantasy world for me. Imagine their actually being a castle floating in the sky. The music was also awesome.
• United States
28 Jun 10
kikis deliverly service was awsome! but spirited away is truely amazing.The story is perfect and draws you in, it is my favorite movie of all time. :) I can watch it over and over again. mmmmmmmmmm :)
@lulu1220 (1010)
• United States
18 Jun 09
My favorite movie of all time. I rented it and fell in love with it. So I went and bought the DVD and have watched it many times. I never get tired of watching it. To me that is the true test of a great movie.
@Desmont (80)
• United States
23 Apr 09
It's one of my favorite movies by Miyazaki, the first I saw was Kiki's Delivery Service, then I saw Princess Mononoke because my sister bought it, my other favorite is Howl's Moving Castle, and I've only seen a little bit of Totoro... But Spirited Away is one of the better ones.
@leeloo (1494)
• Portugal
8 Apr 09
The first movie I watched was Princess Mononoke and found it fascinating the imagery and story were amazing I have watched it several times since and still enjoy it. I found that Howl's moving Castle follows the same line, the retro futuristic background the complex battle between good and bad and the tortured warrior hero. Spirited away is a totally different style of movie, it is exceptionally well done, so much so that it broke records in Japan and around the world, it is such a powerful movie that it was able to win the Best Animated Feature at the Oscars, the Golden Berlin Bear among tons of other awards. I must admit that I found the dubbed version more childlike, the subbed version, maybe due to the difference in the tempo of the Japanese language and the fact that buy reading the subs it is my voice I hear in my head it gave it a more dramatic yet melancholical feel, it is amazing but I find it hard to decide between it and Princess Mononoke as my favourite.
@snam23 (3161)
• United States
5 Apr 09
I really wish I could answer this but unfortunately I have never seen any Miyazaki movies. If you have any sites where I can find them, feel free to PM them to me!
4 Apr 09
Spirited Away sounds like a great one. I don't know very much about Miyazaki movies. But it sounds like I would like Spirited Away.