How Many of you have got fraud by someone online?

@yudi18 (29)
April 5, 2009 5:32am CST
Weel, there have been many a times when i have been fraud online by people and a few PTC sites who never paid to me, like Bux.To fooled me by not paying the payment from more than an year ago. And i even got frawd by a fgew people with whom i tried to exchange my e-currencies from Liberty Reserve and Paypal. One of my friends Paypal got limited because he accepted fraud money from an exchanger. So share your expeireices out here in this topic.
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• India
9 Apr 09
Fraud on the web is a very common phenomenon now a days. It is spreading like a plague to every part of the web services. I am a regular surfer and has encountered such fraudulent websites too many times and have been cheated too. Many a times I have been a victim of scam on the web. I have become very cautious about my web surfing and I really do a lot of research before I trust any website. It is really sad that their is not a single legal governing body that can regulate these scam sites and punish the offenders. We poor people are the sufferers and have to pay the price for some other persons' gain. Hope you liked my response. Have a nice day.
• United States
7 Apr 09
i have never been scammed but i have seen many of the scam emails...i herd of a group that goes after thoses who try to scam and they end up scaming them and make them travel all over and get stuck in other countries because they think they r gonna get a million it was so funny