work stress?

April 5, 2009 10:50am CST
Docs believe work plays a great role in many of the illnesses. Here are some tips on how to cope :- (1) Dont stew - Dont keep everything inside and suffer. Instead. ake it on a small ball you keep in your desk. Squeeze it, throw it in the air, or even take it outside and bounce, throw and catch it nuntil you feel better. (2) Mini Massage - Take your shoes off and rub your feet, bending your toes, ankles, and arches to ease tension. Or massage your hands, focussing on the highly sensetive tips of your fingers. (3)Seek Peace - Take time to regain perspective, whether you close your door or go outside for a few minutes. (4)Find joy - Put flowers at your desk or get a small fountain to create the soothing sound of running water.
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@neha2k94u (408)
• India
5 Apr 09
Absolutely correct to say, we can have a walk every hour, as sitting at same place wud led to some bone disease... And for sure love the work you do, as its very easy to do work which we like... Happy mylotting!!!
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@ag_sekar (112)
• India
5 Apr 09
Hi, thanks for the nice tips. These are practical and will be helpful
@kissieme (777)
• Philippines
5 Apr 09
hi chacks these are good tips to relieve stress at work or even at home.. thank you for sharing. I'll be sharing these also to my friends and co-workers...