What's the most effective weight loss regimen, pills or diet that you've tried?

April 5, 2009 11:18am CST
I have tried many ways to lose weight because I am a bit overweight and I easily gain weight. I tried exercising but I'm a little lazy to see it through:) Diet pills work but I'm not too keen about the side effects that I experience. I guess the thing that really worked on me was HipHop abs. How about you?
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• Malaysia
23 May 09
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@harmonee (1236)
• United States
15 Apr 09
Find an exercise that is more of a hobby than work. I took a part time job teaching swim lessons. I did it more for fun than anything, but it kept me active and in the water, so I lost weight. Plus, the pool had a gym and weight room, so on those off days when I was feeling over zealous I could do some extra strength training or get on a treadmill.
• India
5 Apr 09
well i believe in hard work and i always follow the hardest way , well if u got to be slim , u got to keep working hard . i eat a lot , but at the same time i exercise a lot , this gives me an athletic body , and its good to see ur self , and ur achievements. belive me there only 3 good things u can do to loose ur weight and be health. 1.)exersise regularly 2.)eat a balanced diet 3.)get up early up in morning .
@charblaize (1030)
• United States
5 Apr 09
I had to go the doctor and he prescribed diet pills. they worked really well and within the two months i lost 30 lbs and since i have been off the pills i have actually maintained and NOT gained any of it back.....yeayea. I do get in my "lazy" moods but i try to also watch how much i eat (yea right) i am an emotional eater, and hopefully with summer coming around be able to walk more. I try to go to the Y every so often but when i have the chance, i have meetings, or it is time for my son to home from school........:( I am trying to do pilates but going very slow into it and not pushing myself too much to "over-do-it" can't work miracles overnight, though i would love it if we could......:))