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November 11, 2006 12:07am CST
hi guys can u create a folder with the name (CON) if you can do it in ur system u r a genius...
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@alladisada (2305)
• India
21 Nov 06
create a folder - create a folder
This actually is a unix-like feature. DOS device drivers are accessible like normal files, i.e. the everything-is-a-file philosophy. CON is the equivalent of/dev/tty, NUL of/dev/null, COM# of/dev/ttyS#, LPT# of/dev/lp# and CLOCK$ corresponds to/dev/rtc (PRN is an alias to LPT1, AUX is COM1). Every character device can be opened this way, block devices (which are assumed to be FAT formatted...) are named A: to Z:, as you will know. Many pseudo character devices (drivers which had to be loaded as drivers but were no character devices, like EMM386, HIMEM.SYS, ..) had forbidden characters like '*' in their device names to be hidden from the user. Here is how you create the directory if you really need it to be named con In your command prompt.. StartRunCommand "OK"type mkdir \\.\c:\con It will create a con folder in c:\ However, you cannot access it by going cd\con it will have an error, You can access it through windows explorer though..