Student Life

April 6, 2009 12:35am CST
It is part of everybody life. Even layman enjoy this part of life. It is the greatest gift from God. In this part of life nobody have any responsibilities. Even we have to enjoy only. In this part of life somebody treat there parents as enemy because they are the only one which is responsible for your action. In this part of life you get great friend. Friends of this time not forgettable in remaining life as well. It is the time of making good friend. It is the time making good personality. It is time of making good person.
3 responses
• India
7 Apr 09
I completely agree with you.I feel once you miss it.You cant get it back.Memories to be treasured for life.
• India
9 Apr 09
But you want to remember this for whol of your life.
• China
7 Apr 09
that's great of our student life! I'm a college student right now and this means I'm gonna finish my student life soon.So I have to relish my remaining student life. Someday in the future I will definitely miss my role as a student deeply!
• India
6 Apr 09
Student life is the best life we get free from all worries with all the freedom. The only thing students are responsible for is their study. School and college life is the golden period one lives in his complete tenure of human life.