Do you believe that sleeping too much might make you fat?

United States
April 6, 2009 4:31am CST
Someone told me once, if you sleep too much might make you fat. Because if you are in a sleeping mode, your body muscle is in idle, you are tending to get more fat accumulate in your body. I like to take a nap during the afternoon, but now, I have to keep my figure fit. I am trying not to napping during the afternoon; unless I was extremely tired. Don't you agree with this theory?
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6 Apr 09
Yes I too like to take an afternoon nap but If you can keep it to just a cat nap 20 mins at the very most, then I get up and do something active like running up and down the stairs a couple of times, to speed up my metabolism again. I do believe that sleeping in bed is not so very good for you during the day but a quick cat nap on the sofa, if it re-invigorates you what's the problem.