Is obama doing the right things?what do u think about Obama

@paulw33 (297)
United States
April 6, 2009 4:58am CST
Well i would like to know what everyone thinks about him me well i think he is not doing the right things and that the economy is only going to get worse with him. Why well first of all didn't he say he was going to bring the troops home that's what i thought i heard him say but now he is sending out 7,000 more come on.He raised cig tax to pay for health insurance for poor children but what about the people who work that they say make to much to get free health insurance but don't make enough to pay it out of there own pocket.Also he is giving all ssi people $250 stimulis payment but no worker we get like a extra $10 or so added to our pay come on.If he wants to get the economy back on track why don't he raise the min wage ssi gets a raise every year because of the cost of living well shouldn't workers that are only making 7.00 a hour get a raise every see where im coming from owe you haven't heard the best part yet i was reading the paper the other day came across a artical that was talking about Obama giving 8 billion in stimulas payment to build a faster bullet train in another state why not give 8 billion in stimulas payment to the working people come on do we want fast trains or the economy to get better so i think he is just like all the other presidents there all the same what do u think?i think maybe it should have been a women maybe they would have more brains so i want to hear from u and what u think thanks Paul
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