Good Cooking Give Satisfaction To All

April 6, 2009 5:19am CST
According to my thinking if you can cook properly, then you can please any one in this world. Every body like good food. Just prepare favourite dish of your partner and after that he is please from you. It is also the way of nourishing yourself properly at lower budget. If you eat food which is cooked by you only, then you are away from all the stomach diseases. Cooking also acts as a great physical excercise. By daily cooking you can release large amount of calories. It provides mental satisfaction and physical work out as well. So share your opinion about cooking here.
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• India
6 Apr 09
Not only others, but good food gives enormous satisfaction to me too. I enjoy cooking and each dish is like a painting to me. Even ordinary everyday food…its like a white canvas with different paints at your disposal and you know what you want to paint. A little mistake here or there can actually make or break the entire effect of the painting…similarly it is for food. A little more salt here or less water there or maybe not enough spices or too spicy…well the effect is not the same and though the family will of course eat it, I am not satisfied.
• India
9 Apr 09
But there is one problem which is that if you make food by self then your apetite is reduced.