Some important signs to watch for when your cat is in labor!

April 6, 2009 11:26am CST
i am a breeder of selkirk rex cats, and use to breed persians/exotics/himmies. i have pretty good 'senses' when one of my females is about to give birth. there are some pretty easy to spot are a few; your cat is acting 'funny', walking around a lot, not able to lay down for long, sniffing, also being very vocal. she is entering her birthing box a lot, scratching around in it, nesting. if you do not have a place set up for her to give birth she will explore your house until she finds the 'perfect' place to have her kittens. she'll be 'antsy', won't be able to relax. she won't really be interested in eating. she'll be extremely affectionate, love her lots at this time. those signs could go on for a few days before labor is really going to hit, then look out for; PANTING! panting is a GREAT sign that your girl is going to have her babies and SOON. howling, being extremely vocal, being extremely affectionate. she might not even let you leave her, so please set up camp and give your girl lots of love. she'll be entering her place of birth a lot, in and out. (i always set up a box). she'll have dishcharge, she will be licking herself QUITE a bit. she'll be very antsy. the best things to do for your girl, is to be by her side. my cats have ALWAYS appreciated the belly rubs while in labor! it soothes them and relaxes them. your cat may purr as well, in labor, cats will purr even in pain. be next to her, she will eventually start having doesn't take too long for the first kitten to come out after the contractions start. the contractions are PAINFUL and she may scream/growl/hunch over, and it can be quite painfull for you to watch. try not to get 'in the way' at this time!!! talk to her though, and let her know that you are there! you should have an emergency vet phone number on hand just in case!!! kittens CAN and do get stuck in the birth canal. it is rare, but she may also need a c-section if things are not going like they should be. also, make note that mommy kitty will eat ALL the placenta's that come out!! DO NOT INTERFERE WITH THIS! when should you step in?? the kittens come out in their sac. they need that to be removed asap so they can start to breath. mommy kitty might be getting too tired to do this herself, she will actually LOVE it if you helped clean off the sac, and clean off the babies nose/'s only necessary if mommy kitty is not getting to it in time.. after mommy kitty has had all her babies, she'll be EXTREMELY thirsty, put a bowl of fresh cold water right in her box with her, she will be too tired to get up, and she'll want to lay down to feed her little ones..put her water close to her so she can continue laying down to drink :) also give her a plate of yummy stinky soft cat food. she'll love you for all the help you give her :) the birthing of kittens is amazing, i love to watch it, but YES it is painful lol
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