do you'll scare of water?

April 6, 2009 2:59pm CST
do you'll scare of water ? i know how to swim but when i touch the water that's something bad on my mine, and make me couldn't swim, what wrong, i love to swim ,i remember my husband bring me to the sea side to swim i always tell him no i can't actually i knew i can swim, one day i tell myself ,let god handle my life ,and i swim toward to other side of the sea side, it take about 15min, i tell myself i can't stop here, if i stop here i will die. and i keep on swim with non stop until i reach other side. but when i need to go back other side of sea thing come again .i don't dare to jump down to sea. i try to make myself ready and some guys beside me laugh and say you can swim if not how you swim here ?? and my husband got shock and keep swim beside me. and he say why i know how to swim but don't dare to swim? what you guys think?
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• India
15 Aug 12
I feel you are suffering with Aquaphobia, that might be the reason that though you know swimming you are afraid of going into water.