10 most stupid questions people usually ask in obvious situations....

@krupesh (2608)
April 6, 2009 10:31pm CST
1. At the movies: When you meet acquaintances/friends... Stupid Question:- Hey, what are you doing here? Answer:- Dont u know, I sell tickets in black over here.. 2. In the bus: A heavy lady wearing pointed high-heeled shoes steps on your feet... Stupid Question:- Sorry, did that hurt? Answer:- No, not at all, I'm on local anesthesia.....why don't you try again. 3. At a funeral: One of the teary-eyed people ask.... Stupid Question:- Why, why him, of all people. Answer:- Why? Would it rather have been you? 4. At a restaurant: When you ask the waiter Stupid Question:- Is ! the Pizza good?? Answer:- No, its terrible and made of adulterated cement. We occassionaly also spit in it. 5. At a family get-together: When some distant aunt meets you after years... Stupid Question:- you've become so big? Answer:- Well you haven't particularly shrunk yourself. 6. When a friend announces her wedding, and you ask... Stupid Question:- Is the guy you're marrying good? Answer:- No,he's a miserable wife-beating , insensitive lout...it's just the money. 7. When you get woken up at midnight by a phone call.... Stupid Question:- Sorry. were you sleeping? Answer:- No. I was doing research on whether the Zulu tribes in Africa marry or not. You thought I was sleeping....you dumb witted moron. 8. When you see a friend/colleague with evidently shorter hair... Stupid Question:- Hey have you had a haircut? Answer:- No, its autumn and I'm shedding...... 9. At the dentist when he's sticking pointed objects in your mouth... Stupid Question:- Tell me if it hurts? Answer:- No it wont. It will just bleed. 10. You are smoking a cigarette and a cute woman asks... Stupid Question:- Oh, so you smoke. Answer:- Gosh, it's a miracle .......it was a piece of chalk and now it's Have you ever come across situations like this?Wont you get irritated?
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@sk66rc (4261)
• United States
7 Apr 09
I work in a retail store & I get somewhere between 15 - 20 stupid questions an hour... #1 "Thanks for calling Home Depot! Can I help you?" - "Yeah, Home Depot?" "Nope! This is county morgue... You stab'em, we slab'em...!!!" #2 "Applinaces, can I help you?" - "Do you sell electric range? You know, kind that plugs in?" "Nope! Ones we sell runs off of a solar panel...!" #3 I rencently bought a new car & a guy at work goes, "Bought a new car?" "Nope! I stole it & I'm driving to Mexico tonight... Just here for my last pay-check!!!" #4 On my lunch hour at work, I'm sitting down eating & someone, without fail asks me, "You on lunch?" "Nah... I got things to do at home & I'm trying to get food poisoning so they'll let me go home early..." #5 I was with a group of people I knew, a phone rings, everyone pulls out a phone, turns out it was mine so I answer it... They see me put the phone to my ear & start talking... Some idiot always yells out, "Oh, was it your phone?" "Yeah... I've been trying to talk to the voices in my head & one of them finally called me...!!!" #6 When my daughter's friend asked me this, I thought it was cute & couldn't stop laughing... Remember, she was only 6 at the time & the conversation went something like this... - "What are you wearing on your finger?" "It's called a ring" "What do girls wear on their toes?" "It's called toe ring" "Why people call that thing that goes around your neck a necklaces & not a neckring?" - I actually didn't have an answer for that... Wouldn't call it a stupid question but thought it was something to think about... #7 Even my girl friend is not immune to this... We went shopping one day & she picked out a shirt for me... I tried it on & it's obviously too small for me... "Hmmm... Looks too small on you, honey... How's it feel?" "Feels like it's too small..." #8 I'm butt naked in the bathroom & I'm turning on a shower & she goes, "taking a shower?" "Well... I was little bored & I was gonna try fishing in the tub butt naked... What do you think, tuna fish for dinner tonight, dear?" *** List goes on & on & I'm pretty sure I've done my share of asking stupid questions... I guess sometimes we just don't think before we ask...
@prinzcy (5057)
• Malaysia
7 Apr 09
I can see your point. Some time I do get irritated, some time I just let it go. I also ask stupid question some time, and then I realize "ah, that was stupid! Shouldn't asked that! Damn!"
@Mirsya (521)
• Indonesia
7 Apr 09
Yeah, I've been into that kind of situation. Usually, I don't get irritated. But, sometimes, when I'm having a bad day and someone asks me stupid questions, I won't answer them.