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@Hurray (65)
April 7, 2009 2:31am CST
It is important to verify, research anything that appeals to you in terms of making money online. You can go to places like Alexa for example. Or, ask around like in myLot. But, basically, one needs to use good sense. In the research, check what they have and don't have on their website. Vinefire has nothing that explains who they are. What they're trying to do is actually pretty vague. In their section"How it works", they wrote they will start to pay in January 2010. I beg you pardon?? This acquaintance of mine who sent me an email responded to my questions saying that her friend did NOT actually been paid. She just "accumulated" a certain amount for the day these people will pay... They had sent a newsletter stating they will start to pay in June this year. Well, I have other fish to fry. I need something a bit more reliable than this. Then, listen, what's the deal in paying people to click or not to click, to vote yes or no, this type of thing? What do they do with all the listings posted on their site? What do they do with PayPal and/or credit cards informations? And personal information (name, email address, etc.) All right. I think I made my point. So far, it all looks like a scam. If anyone did find who are the people behind this gig, where they are located, this type of thing, it would be a good idea to post those info here. Be aware! Hurray
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• Philippines
14 Apr 09
thanks a lot for this post! somebody was trying to invite me...so i searched mylot first for discussions regarding vinefire...
@elasolova (144)
• Turkey
7 Apr 09
Thanks fyour info