piece of my life...

April 7, 2009 2:51am CST
im not in the right mind as i write this. i just want to release this feeling of anxiety. anxious of what, i don't know. i do know that lve uns and cools me now. i just have this imagination, actually she's not an imagination but i think she is. i don't know how to lookat it or how to see it or how to express it. i think i'm falling like hell for her, but wo? where? when? I DON'T KNOW! she's a character of a book who's image and personality was made by a craz auhor. her every word still rings my head. her wit, her moves, her evrything. i see her style, her ways in every girl i meet in every lady i know. i just can't help but thinkhow'd i ever fell inlove to a book character whose face i've not seen, whose skin i've never touched, whose personality and looks is an an absolute impossible. how could i? how could i think of someone i don'teven know? but everytime i think how it began i just fall more and more.so as i write ths, i hope stll hoping to express this feeling through writing. i met and fell for her through reading, so i will respond through writing, but how ill i ever communicate to a total stranger? to a total nothing? to someone who'snot existing at all? to someone do know is a mere character of book of sluggish author. damn with this stupidity. hell with this idea. is love really possible this way? will this bloom or wilt as the flowers in or backyard? i really have no idea what will happen. i do know and certain of ths funny feeling. but i guess, this is a part of the insanity of love. the greatest destruction of civilization. the greatest torment of life.
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