ferrets are like kittens on crack!!!!!!

April 7, 2009 5:31pm CST
ferrets can be thee most exciting pet anyone could own. they are like kittens, but even more crazy, and it usually lasts their whole life? lol i've had 3 ferrets at one time, who had the run of the house although they'd use any corner of the house to poop and pee in :( when they were in their cage they'd always use their litter box though! ferrets are the most hyper pet you could own. they are GREAT FUN!!!!!!!!!! but they have some BAD qualities too lol they STEAL YOUR STUFF!! they'll steal anything! money! cigarettes! your tv remote! your cell phone! and the list goes on forever! also, if you intend to have a ferret or two, PLEASE for the love of god, ferret proof your home! if there are ANY small holes in your walls? cover them up immediately. one of my ferrets got into a hole in my wall, and got downstairs into the apartment under me! two days later, the people living there came up with my poor ferret (who was all black n sooty) in a cat carrier, carrying it with oven mitts on, shaking and freaking out HAHAHHA they were SO SCARED! the lil ferret of mine had found himself in their kitchen cupboards, and so did these poor people hahha they aren't much for chewers so that's good, but again, they steal your stuff. ferrets are a love/hate relationship lol
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@freak369 (4989)
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8 Apr 09
LOL I've never heard that comparison but you are right, they are pretty cantankerous little critters. We started with one then got a second then ended up with a pair when someone abandoned them. Generally they stick with cheap stuff but when I saw all four of them trying to get into the entertainment unit I knew that it was only a matter of time before they would start knocking over DVD cases so I have to put a plastic baby lock on the front o fit. Ferret proofing a home is just as important as making sure dogs and cats can't get to poisonous plants and putting up a baby gate to keep kids from climbing steps. Sadly, not many people stop to think of the dangers that are around every corner for ferrets. They are just being themselves so you have to be on the look out for things that could harm or kill them.