What is society?

April 8, 2009 6:26am CST
A set of values, a set of rules and regulation and tradition? you see the condition outside and say "can i be here and have a practical relationship with that? why not? after all if you merely fit into that condition, into that framework of values, are you free?what the meaning of practicable? earning a livelihood?if you are free, can you not choose what you want to do?is that practicable or you consider it practicable to forget your freedom and just fit into anything become a lawyer, a banker, a merchant?or say i'm free, i have cultivated my intelligence.I'm going to see what the best thing for me to do, i shall aside all tradition and do something i like, doesn't matter wether my parent or society approve or disapprove . I shall do something which completly mine as integrated man. That's what happen to the society now.
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