Wrestlemania 25! was a huge Flop.

@Shula101 (268)
New Zealand
April 8, 2009 9:54am CST
Was it only 3 hours? What a piece-o-crap. All that hype for something as boring as that. I was actually looking forward to the not so advertised matches like jblvs619 and the Colons vs MnM But NOOOPE. geez they just screwed us over 20 bux -_-. Matches&Thoughts -The Colons vs Miz and Morrison- Was featured as a Dark Match. So they had a hype for a month or two and then they just shove it into the not on camera matches? WTF! What if people wanted to see that match? MnM are the most watched online show in wwe. Colons won btw. Rating- 0/5 -Money in the Bank Ladder Match- -Shelton Benjamin, Kane, Mark Henry, Kofi Kingston, CM Punk, Finlay, MVP & Christian- So far, the best match of the night, and they had to show it as the opening match. The most exciting match of all and they show it first. THICK *******! anyway. Best match of all, but very predictable. I cant believe who won GEEZ! CM Punk is really annoying right now. His mic skills are lame and his wrestling is really slow. Kofi or Kane or MVP should've won it. They're more talented and popular. RAting- 3/5 -Kid Rock Performance- Lol well that was entertaining but most of the crowd didnt even react to it and i thought iw as kinda, meh. RAting- 2.5/5 -25 Divas Match- Yeah, a botch-fest(id say a differet word but i dare not swear:p)it was meh. it was funny in the end where Santina won. But im trying to remove the image from my mind. Rating- 1/5 -Jericho vs Snuka, Steamboat & Piper followed by Flair and Rourke- IT was alright, i knew Snuka and Piper would be beaten first as they are obviously no longer fit enough to lift a man or use fast moves. But when i saw Steamboat jump in i was all excited, because i knew he would be the only guy over 50 to be able to keep up with Jericho, even do better. Good match. Rating: 3.5/5 -Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy- It was ok. Not good, not great, just ok. Matt got afew knocks but not enough to make him lay down for so long. Alot of damaging moves were traded between the two and the ending was just OUCH! Rating- 3/5 -Rey Mysterio(In Joker dress!:D) vs JBL- 8 minutes of introductions but 21 seconds of wrestling? Pffffft Lame-os. Rating- 0/5 -Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels- Hmmm descent match. It was alittle MEH at the start but it got really exciting around the end. My heart was pounding and i was praying Taker wouldn't lose. Thankfully he is 17-0. Rating- 4/5 -Cena v Edge v Bigshow- LAME! Predicatble! MEH! Rating- 2/5 -HHH vs Randy Orton- Okay, the biggest hype of all and the Match was MEH!. wwe always does this, they over advertise ONE story-line and shove off the others. Ok storyline but come on, 3 Hours of screen time a week! on shows that dont involve them! Its just stupid. Descent match, could've been better but nope, wwe sucked us over big time. Rating- 2/5 Overall- 2.5/5 Dont you agree?
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