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@Hurray (65)
April 8, 2009 1:23pm CST
I have read 3 comments on my initial posting of that definition. And again, it made me take another look. Friends are not God. Whoever the God is according to your own Beliefs. This means I believe through personal experience that we have to deserve such friendship: We are not entitled to this per someone's good graces. We are entitled to be treated fairly, having our human rights respected, and all this, that is for sure. But, this particular type of friendship... We definitely have to deserve it. An extreme example just to show how it goes: Someone who has murdered (not killed in a war - unfortunately that is all part of that terrible thing) Does not deserved such frienship Someone who keeps steeling other's people belongings Does not deserve this kind of frienship See my point? Again, everyone is entitled to be treated fairly even when they have to be put away to protect society against their actions. Human Rights are Human Rights. But a friend like that (the initial definition posted): it is not a given - We earn it! Last thing: There is an old saying that I will translate as I can here: "Help Yourself and God will help you" Not the other way around. And for good reasons. Think about it. Hurray
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@navonly (901)
• India
10 Apr 09
Sorry but I don't agree with your fully. Yeah you are right at some points, like "help yourself and God will help you" thats the best part of your posting. But I have some different opinion for the words where you have said that some offensive persons doesn't deserve friendship. I think they deserve, and actually require friendship more then any other people in this world. May be if they get any good friend in this world, who will lead them to good path and they'll stop doing all the mischief they are doing right now. You never know whoz gonna change your life, when. And here family and friends gets the top most priority. Now coming to Human rights thing, now a days, these Human Rights activist, are really not working for the good of Human beings, most of them are just interested in how to get into pictures taking part in others personal life. Yes, you cannot treat your friend as a God, but you never know, who in this world is here as God. Hope you believe that God is still present everywhere in this world. So may be he is here as a friend of yours. May be am wrong, but this is my point of view.