Do you really believe that women would make better world leaders?

April 8, 2009 5:35pm CST
I hear a lot of shite spoken about women being better leaders because women are more peaceful. And some of them are,but some of them are not. Some men are peaceful and some are not. Some women have no nurturing instinct and have a brain of pure logic. Some men have no logic and all instinct. It depends on the person. What do you think?
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@redhotpogo (3935)
• United States
9 Apr 09
no. and anyone that has ever worked under a female knows they couldn't. They are power hungry. They don't think about what they say and do , they just do it. "You do it cause i'm the boss, and don't ask questions."
@se7enthbird (8328)
• Philippines
9 Apr 09
i can say that both men and women can make a better world leaders if they are good followers at the same time. if they dont know how to follow then they will end up being a leader who does not consider what their people would be feeling as followers. i can say a good leader also is aware of the people he/she is governing and not thinking only of his/her own benifits. the leader of the Philippines at present is a woman but the past it was governed also by a man.... but i dont think they became good leaders.