Influx of Idiots in legitimate Review/Article-Writing websites (An Open Letter)

@inkyuboz (1288)
Mandaluyong City, Philippines
April 8, 2009 6:37pm CST
An open letter to any member of Ciao and other review/article-writing websites: I don't want to open a can of worms, but this just struck a chord in me. I want to speak up about it because I've become some sort of collateral damage when a certain website banned me from logging-in because of the Influx of Idiots. It's certainly not fair for us honest members but I knew it was bound to happen. I'm just sad that because of the cheaters and idiotic members, we honest members have to take the flak as well. What do you think of my statement?
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@mysdianait (64056)
• Italy
9 Apr 09
I am a member there but I am not active. However over the months I have seen through the discussions here what Ciao users were telling others that they were doing. They were teaching others how to cheat. It was inevitable that this was going to damage the site over time. Cheaters are spoiling it for users on many sites BUT when users say they are reporting them they do not get much back-up from fellow users on the same site and that's sad because the outcome is always the same sadly. If more people reported then they would be removed BEFORE such drastic measures had to be taken I'm sure. Just like here on myLot which I sincerely hope will never have to do the same thing.
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• United States
9 Apr 09
i was over there for awhile,i did notice a lot of cheaters coming in. i don't know..those copy-and-paste people always seem to show up after awhile,and unfortunetly,some members who weren't cheating get accused. but even if a site doesn't clear house,they end up stopping paying people. *sigh* i don't know.those who make the site make the rules i guess. all you can do is attempt to speak to the owner.
@venmarz13 (735)
• Indonesia
9 Apr 09
i agree with you.but be patient my friend.we must know all member have difference goal.maybe one of that really need money fast because of their financial problem.i was decided not join ciao again because of my account have banned.most of member that can earn nearly 100$ will be banned too