Travelling the best part of our life

April 8, 2009 6:54pm CST
U know we born we grow and finally we die.It happens with all in this world,Only this ,matters that what we did in our lifetime and what we achieve..Travelling is also a part of this travelling does not mean from here to there it means travell to the different part of this earth different countries.I am very fond of travelling but i never get a chance to visit other countries.i travelled a lot in my own country india but not to others.I am trying to achieve this great dream of my life..what about u people.Is there anyone who travelled according to me and can say yes i have achieved and i get a worth of my life
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@maximax8 (29032)
• United Kingdom
9 Apr 09
As a child I dreamed about going traveling and I used to hold my globe and imagine going on all sorts of different trips. When I was a teenager I got a paper round and later a Saturday job in a shop. I saved up and went to Greece with my mum and the Netherlands with a friend. At age 18 I worked as a children's nanny and traveled around Europe by train afterwards. In order to pay for my trip around the world when I was 20 years old I had to let out my cottage and get a working holiday visa for Australia. To travelers like you I suggest attempting to see your neighboring countries first or visiting ones that you can fly out to cheaply. You could read some travel guide books to get an idea of sights and likely accommodation costs. It is worth remembering that some countries are cheap and others are expensive. It is excellent that you have seen some of your own country. Good luck in achieving more traveling soon. With lots of effort you will be able to travel in your lifetime I think.
@lilaclady (28238)
• Australia
8 Apr 09
I guess it depends if one likes travelling, I am not much into it, i prefer my own surrounds, I like getting the pleasures of the small things in life around me in my own place...but for those who love to travel it is wonderful.