Please Suggent Me Workout and Dietsfor Increasing Some FAT

@newfun4x (154)
April 9, 2009 1:46am CST
Please Suggest me workout and diets for Increase Some Fat
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@artistry (4154)
• United States
6 Oct 09
.....Hi newfun4x, Well, you are in a great place, wanting to gain weight instead of like most people, needing to lose the weight. What I suggest to people who want to gain weight, is to eat, wait until your food is fully in your stomach, at least an hour. After an hour, go to bed or lie down, this process will put fat on your body. Make sure you wait for at least an hour before you lie down. The pounds will start to show up all over your body. Good luck. Make sure you start an moderate exercise program to tone your body as you gain the weight and eat a balanced diet. Take care.
• Philippines
25 Sep 09
have big meals untill you are full, and afterwards every meal , sit down directly in front of computer and type away in my lot for a few hours. you'll be fat and unhealthy in no time~!
@mrakobesie (1246)
• United States
14 Jul 09
If you want to increase weight you should try to do it a healthy way, eat foods that have healthy fat and a lot of nutrients. this way you will get the most out of the food. This food will not make you fat, but it will help you get into a healthy weight category. If you eat a lot of proteins you might want to work out with kattle bell, but be very careful with it, if you don't do it right you cat hurt your self. Kattle bell can workout your legs, arms, abdomen and muscles you didn't know you had. start slow with just a few swings and then slowly increase. please don't try gaining a lot of weight very fast by eating lots of junk food, you will kill your liver by doing so.
@axibal (63)
• Philippines
9 Apr 09
eat fattening foods like ice cream, cakes, double the serving.