Why do we trust people?

@Mithoo (255)
April 9, 2009 4:56am CST
In our daily life, we used to say our close people that we trust them. Have you ever think why do we trust? Please share your ideas!!!
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@online_jon (1478)
• Philippines
9 Apr 09
Hi Mithoo, good day to you my co-mylotter. When giving a trust to someone you must know them first with their attitude if they really deserved them to trusted. But if you think that the person is not good enough and you really didn't kny his/her attitude it only means that you must don't give your trust. In my own opinion the most of people that are trusted are our friends because as i know they really know them and we already share some good and bad moments with them, which i can say we really know who really they are and what are their good and bad characteristics. Me, the only people that i really give my trust is only to my best friend because with my best friend i can say the i really already know what are his characteristics and we already have a good number of moments together, which causes for us to give our trust like a brother. Since i was in Kinder to fourth year high school, we are classmate. That's why we are really close to each other. I always share my problem with my best friend, like regarding with my school grades, love ones and especially to my family. It's really nice to have a best friend were you can give your trust and will never left you behind. By the way, i would like to share that in our family we are also close to each other and i can say we really trust each other, that's why when we have a problem regarding our family, we really easy solve it because of our closeness. I can say that if you are really close to your family you will no longer feel shy asking what does the member of the family feel. That's why with that matter! When you are close to your family, you really feel proud of it. I hope most of the family here in earth are close to each other so they will no longer feel alonf and being left behind. Nowadays, it's very hard to find people were you can put your trust because most of people, do not show their through colors or what i mean is the didn't show the true attitude that they really own. Which this matter you will notice how important is the identity of the people that you must give your trust. Well, in my own calculation, i think theres about 25 percet of people, who really do not share their proble to the people they really put trust, which causes for them to feel alone. Well, that's all my response regarding with this discussion entitled " were do we trust people". Thank you! I,'m hoping that i really give a good response! Happy posting and happy earning to us here in this site. God bless us always and Good day again! I hope here in this world people will show good trust!
@Informer (803)
• India
9 Apr 09
HI Mithoo, 1st of all you have nice usename..Then about your question.. My dear friend, we need to trust people because we need them. No one can live isolated in this world. We all need some people whome we can work with, whom we live with and whom we have to talk with. This is just like giving and taking...