Reading books is useless ?

April 9, 2009 5:19am CST
Nowadays,due to the finicial crisis it is hard to find a suitable job in China,many students refuse to enter the college entrance examination and try to find a mechanic work after high school education.They and their parents think reading books is useless.I think reading books is very necessary although it is hard to find a suitable job after education.If you study hard and real learn some useful konwledge.It is not very hard to find a suitable.
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@mira91 (987)
• Singapore
12 Apr 09
No, i strongly disagree that it is useless. I know many of the "old fashioned" parents especially in asia thinks that it is useless and unimportant. Even if it really doesn't necessarily land you a job, i believe reading can help people to better themselves. I have read many books that offer so many hidden lessons in them and the quotes that they used in the books, are really inspiring and thought provoking..Always seek ways to be increase your knowledge..^_^
@roanne05 (1292)
• Oman
9 Apr 09
education for me is the basic for you to have a good and settled life and career... learn tthe basic,,,be productive.
@dralon (88)
• Zimbabwe
9 Apr 09
I do believe books are not useless. This finncial crisis, like everything else, will come to pass. After that, the ones who have the right education will still be ahead ot the pack. Its better to go through college first, even if you may not get the job you deserve in the end. Remember it may just payy off - long term. Good Luck..
@med889 (5958)
9 Apr 09
Reading is seems useless but once you have started loving it then it seems so wonderful you just need to take a book with a subject that interest you then gradually you can choose one with a diferent topic. I love reading books whether my university law books or books I take in libraries. I am now reading a book by Danielle Steel " The Crossing" It is a wonder. Happy mylotting;-)
@Informer (803)
• India
9 Apr 09
Hi Friend, Today I also felt the same. I was just thinking that I have wasted my precious days in reading books. BUt my dear friend, we both are wrong, Now I just started think positive. This is just matter of time that indutries are facing downturn and there is drought of jobs in the market but one day when things come out positive people also will start getting jobs.. Hope for the best time again...
@kasamb (29)
• Pakistan
9 Apr 09
i do agree that education and reading books is useful. i think if that guy first complete his/her education and then do any job, this education will really help him/her in doing that work and he/she may perform well in that then of illiterate people