i want to join nomincash,referral exchange

@luffy7 (820)
April 9, 2009 7:14am CST
i want to join nomincashout under someone, but i want someone to join under me in neobux
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• India
16 May 09
Friend I can Join Under You And U Join Under Me in Nominimum.com Please
@jheLaichie (4439)
• Philippines
21 Apr 09
how about if i make you under me on nomincashout... and i have a friend who still isnt in neobux... i could give her to you??? would that be okey??? or already in it both???
• India
9 Apr 09
Hey thanx for the offer but i have already joined neobux & offlately the login popup of that site is opening in my pc also we can't create two accounts in any site from a same i.p. address.
@Deoxis (11)
• Moldova
9 Apr 09
i am looking for reffs enchanges too hwo is interested pls PM me :| ^^
• India
9 Apr 09
luffy i will join under u in neobux if u join under me in nomincashout
@lethalboy (112)
• India
9 Apr 09
i would have taken your offer my firend but alas!! i am already an member of both these sites if you don't find anyone to do this referral exchange as most people are already usng Neobux and if you think you will have to sign up with no referral please sign up under me my username is the same as mylot happy earning and happy mylotting