Spruce up that KD! One of my kids' favorite meals.

April 9, 2009 8:25am CST
I like this too :) It's quick and easy and yummmmmmmmmmmy and my kids ADORE IT. You'll need; Extra Creamy Kraft Dinner (make sure it's the real thing and not a no name brand) Campbells tomato soup Breton veggie crackers Cracker barrel 'old' cheddar cheese Cook your macaroni Drain the water (keep the pot on your burner on low heat) Add the soup (straight from the can, don't mix it with anything) Add the cheeze mix from the KD Add as much cheddar cheeze as you want Crush a bunch of breton crackers (i like the veggie ones the best!) MIX IT ALLLLLLLL TOGETHER and just keep it on the heat until the cheddar cheeze is melted You may have to play around with this until you get it just right, sometimes if you add too many crackers or cheeze it'll get a LIL clumpy :p Just add some milk if it does! It's very tasty!
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