Does anyone know where to sell trading cards?

@blion23 (404)
United States
April 9, 2009 9:08am CST
My son use to collect magic and yugioh cards but now he doesn't really care for them. I am trying to get rid of them but I do not know where to sell them. Some of them are quite rare as I have been told and I was wondering if there were places or sites where I could sell them to make money. Any help?
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• Poland
10 Apr 09
Alot of people have suggested Ebay or an online auction site - and that is good advice. Alternatively you could try going to a comic fair or someting like that and offering them for sale?
@yytan77 (16)
• Malaysia
10 Apr 09
Have you tried on eBay? I have been selling some clothes on this site and the respond turn out quite well. I managed to get some extra pocket money from there. :)
• Philippines
9 Apr 09
Hi there. I'd say a good place to start would be e-bay but then, considering that your item is of special interest of a specific group, it would be good to also consider offering your items for sale on forums and communities who share the same interest in trading cards. For example, I have sold some memorabilia and CDs of a Japanese pop group that I'm currently interested in through the Live Journal community specifically created for fans of such group. My sister and her boyfriend also sell action figures through e-bay and a special interest forum. I guess it's best to look around the net for such groups/communities/forums. Good luck.