Stimulus Package

@Kofficup (150)
April 9, 2009 9:35am CST
I have my stimulus package for holy week or Lenten month. I'll have to stay at home and savor the lingering bliss of having the best sleep and siestas. I watch TV shows of my interest. And... I also watch the goings on of the Obama presidency over his unprecedented Stimulus Package. I hope downturns will be turning on to an opposite direction in due time. Not 10 years later haha. I'd love to make a stimulus activity to save the earth. To PLANT trees, to cleanup the streets, do mercy for our greens. Be green! Unfortunately I can hardly see open grounds here in the metro. All I can see are buildings, vehicles, people and smogs. The soot that I touch in a day to day basis are such a monstrous stimulating packages that invades my home and yes, my nose :D
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