What's the real score between Rihanna and Chris Brown?

April 9, 2009 2:50pm CST
A person who hurt you the first will most likely to hurt you over and over again, so with Rhianna and Chris Brown, will there be a second chance of love after the abuse, or did they even broke up, worst is are they really for real or just for reel?
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@hamcenty (71)
• United States
10 Apr 09
I was very sadden to hear about the Rihanni and Chris Brown situation. I never believed in anybody ever putting their hands on another person as a means of abuse. I thought that she would have left, or at least, hoped that she would be strong and leave. She instead, is still with him and maybe it is for reasons nobody will ever understand, but I can not help but feel dissappointed. I believe that she deserves much more and that Chris Brown needs to learn from his mistakes. Unfortunately, by going back to him, he may never get that what he did was absolutely terrible....and may do it agian. With all of this said however, I hope that they work out in way where they respect each other. I hope that Chris gets some help and thinks twice. I wish them both much happiness, because at the end of day, that was her chioce to make.