How did you choose your username?

@jimmy87 (475)
April 9, 2009 7:41pm CST
Hey,whats the secret behind your username? When you were asked to choose it,did it automatically come to your mind or you did plan for it? Or does it carry a hidden meaning? Share with me....
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@piku89 (27)
• India
17 Apr 09
I just chose it because it's my nickname and I chose to put my birth year next to that....that's all...LOL
• Philippines
13 Apr 09
well the very reason is that the word "uniqueness" Everyone want to be unique..that's my principal and i don't want to have username which has been used by other user..for me it's not good whether the user will gonna think that i imitate his/her username..but anyway..i'm just trying to be unique..
• Philippines
10 Apr 09
Hi there. Well, I came up with my user name, nekonyanta, based on the name of the pet cat of one of the Japanese idols I'm currently interested in. Neko, in Japanese, means "cat" and Nyanta is the actual name of the cat. And yes, I guess it automatically came to my mind since I've been using nekonyanta as a user name on various sites, including e-bay and plurk so I guess it's my current default user name, so to speak. Also, I find that it's a unique enough user name that it's more likely that nobody has taken it by the time I join certain sites. So yeah...