mama breastfeeds, papa bottlefeeds

April 9, 2009 8:08pm CST
hi all! i gave birth by c-section and it took some time for me to recover because i had to go through intense labor only to end up in the operating room. anyway, despite that, i make it a point to breastfeed my baby because not only is it beneficial for her, we get to save some money, and i believe she will be healthier. but my milk is not enough so far, so we still supplement my breastmilk with formula. after i breastfeed the baby and she still wants to eat, we mix. when she gets to this part, her papa takes her from me and does the feeding. then he would take it upon him to make her burp. this is their bonding moment and my husband likes it very much. he enjoys taking care of our little princess and he spends as much time as he can to be with her. he also doesn't mind getting up in the middle of the night to feed her or even change her diapers. i am so happy with my new family. our baby will be one month old tomorrow. how time flies. take care all and happy mylotting! God bless you all! :D
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10 Apr 09
You sound like such a happy family. I know that with all the love that must be moving around your house that you will be lucky and all I can say is that your little princess is a very lucky girl to have two such wonderful parents. Love and luck to you all.
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10 Apr 09
it's nice to hear that both of you participates in the care of your baby which should be. Imagine, wife takes care of it for 9 months inside the womb and suffers much during labor so husband should partake too. Mix feeding is okay especially if you are a working mom. Good luck to your new family. The more that it becomes satisfying if your baby will say the first words "mama" "dada".