What would you do if your in love with your gay best friend?

April 10, 2009 1:35am CST
At work, one of my associate was always talking about her best friend, a guy who is an old associate of us. Before we thought that they are couple, because they were always together, they go out on dating alone. The guy sometimes pick her up from work. Although every time we asked her, if he is her boyfriend, she said no, they were best friend. But one day, she confessed that she's beginning to fall in love with the said guy. And she is also hoping that her best friend is in love with her because of those special attention he was giving her. But then somebody told us that the guy is having an affair with her room mate who is also one of her closest friend. ( My associate is living with 3 gay friends) All of them are aware about her feeling with this guy. But still in her back, they are having an affair. This is the questions, First what would you do if your inlove with your best friend and turned out to be gay? if you were in her shoes, how will you react? Will you forgave your friends/roommates? Will you forgive the guy?
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