North Korea

@Helios (85)
United States
April 10, 2009 2:52am CST
After North Korea's launch of the rocket that was supposedly meant to send a satellite into space, the U.N is deciding on what actions to take against the reclusive country for disobeying the international entity. South Korea does not wish for any military action to be taken, fearing the volatile nature of North Korea. And Russia and China are against any punitive action, believing that it would only make matters worse. It seems to me that North Korea draws attention to itself by these provocative actions to bargain for things to help their ailing country. The nuclear talks brought about the building of the reactors and now the rocket launch is perhaps another clever leverage. In addition the launch stimulates nationalism and public support within North Korea. The citizens know that their leader defied the rest of the world with the launch and they believe that it is successful even though the rest of the world knows otherwise. North Korea warned that if any country attempts to salvage the remnants of the rocket it would take military action. Perhaps there was no satellite on board at all. Perhaps this was merely a test of the early stages of ballistic missile launch. Maybe its another pathetic attempt to bargain with the world. Kim Jong Il has been in power, living in a world where few people would dare question him. There have been plays written for him in North Korea. And some North Koreans even believe him to be a literal god. Living in such conditions for such an extended period must give this man dangerous delusions. North Korea is a thorn in everybody's back even that of China's and Russia's. The world needs to stop appeasing Kim Jong Il and enact some tough economic sanctions. North Korea would respond with dangerous threats. And if they carry them out, this would give the world reason to end the regime with whatever means possible. North Korea is an unproductive and irresponsible entity to the world. It starves its own people, counterfeits foreign currency, and produces narcotics. One may even say North Korea is comparable to organized criminal organizations. The country should be disciplined or destroyed. What do you guys think?
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